3 tips for moving like a barefoot runner while in the safety of shoes

Ok. I admit it. I’m too delicate a flower to run barefoot in the land of cactus and endless tiny pebbles, aka Albuquerque. I need my tootsies to be protected.

But, I do want to use barefoot running techniques while safely in my shoes. Here are three things that could help you strike with your forefoot instead of your heel.

  1. Say to yourself , “Float.”. I know it sounds silly but it works for me. You don’t stomp through a field of daisies, you tiptoe…you float. Move lightly and purposefully. Try to make first contact with the balls of your feet then feel your toes engage. Land gently. Float.
  2. Engage your core. Pull back your belly button and roll your pelvis forward. If you’ve ever done yoga, this guidance would be familiar. In running, it helps you land your feet closer to your center, shortening your stride. You’ll naturally hit your forefoot first.
  3. Roll back your shoulders. Literally, roll you shoulders forwards, up and towards your back, gently squeezing together your shoulder blades. Yup, this is another yoga thing. It works. You’ll stand straighter and have the benefit of breathing easier.